Cook. Share. Compete. Repeat.

How does it work?


Get into the kitchen and do what you do best. Cook up a storm, whip up some treats, or just nurture your soul.


Snap a photo, let us know what's in it, and how to make the magic happen.


Collect points, level up, compete in awesome challenges, or just show your friends who's the boss.


Because good food is for life. And just like cookies, one badge is never enough.

Calling All Kinds Of Cooks

Spoonly is the new app that makes cooking fun and competitive. Want to get exclusive access before anyone else? We're looking for cooks of all skill levels and cuisines.

Competitive Cooks

I know I'm pretty much ready to go on Masterchef.

I can prove it on Spoonly.

Stuck-In-A-Rut Cooks

Things are getting a bit repetitive in the kitchen.

I want Spoonly to help me spice things up.

Don't-Cook-Enough Cooks

Me and my kitchen need to get re-acquianted

Spoonly, can you re-introduce us?

Our Amazing Team

Yvette Cook

Co-Technical Founder and iOS Lead

Amal Kakaiya

Co-Technical Founder and Backend Developer

Yes, it's just the two of us (for now). But between us we have a dazzling array of experience in iOS and Android app development, full-stack web development, business planning, project management and blogging. The rest (we're not ashamed to admit), we'll be picking up as we go along. If you want to follow our progress, check out our blog.

We Can Never Have Too Many Cooks

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